About us
RightTag manufactures standards compliant and durable RFID equipment and provides customer friendly RFID solutions. RightTag's current RFID product line includes handheld scanners, desktop scanners, printer equipment, RFID tags and other related products. RightTag's state of the art and unique RFID scanners have received rave customer reviews.

RightTag products cater to a wide variety of customers such as the Government, retailers, transportation companies, manufacturers, and distributors. Currently RightTag's customers are numbering 200 + worldwide and are growing by the day.

RightTag has also filed several patents in RFID to deliver unique solutions for the vertical markets.

RightTag was founded in 2003 by a group of Silicon Valley based seasoned technology professionals. RightTag has presence here in the USA as well as in Europe. RightTag Europe is a wholly owned subsidiary of RightTag Inc.,

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