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ImageRightTag is a leading manufacturer of standards compliant RFID equipment and related application software. RightTag helps companies to come up with the cost effective AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) solutions. RightTag makes it easier for the companies to automate processes thus improving the management of tracked objects and streamline the planning and operations which support those efforts. With RightTag, businesses can lower operation cost through user of automation with smart RFID technology.

RightTag RFID technology gives companies the power to:
  • More effectively manage and track objects and measure customer behavior
  • Demonstrate Industry Leadership
  • Lower operation cost through use of RightTag's smart RFID technology
  • Protect the brand name and know-how
To be in tune with the evolving RFID technology standards thus increasing visiblity
RightTag is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA. Through the commitment, experience, and expertise RightTag has established a long lasting business relationship with its customers.
Our mission at RightTag is simple: to be the industry leader in providing RFID solutions by increasing our customers ability to effectively manage and track objects.
RightTag continues its expansion of the product line  to satisfy a wide variety of customer needs.


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